Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Here's A Good Idea

Eric treated me to the best birthday surprise ever - stay tuned and I'll reveal where he took me (any guesses?).

And meanwhile, here's a good idea. Jill Sobule is one of the best performers I've seen out there. Just a dynamo: fun, musical, smart, all those adjectives music writers come up with to describe someone completely original and talented. She makes great records, too. If you'd like a chance to support someone worthy, she's come up with a clever scheme to finance her next record - read all about it here, and chip in!


Vincent Blackwood said...

Jill is very net savvy and that's about to pay off for her. Want to know her better? Download a free hour and a half concert from Jill's site;


It is Jill at her best -- witty, outrageous and sensitive.

And for those who don't know that much about Jill, here is an article by Marc-Anthony Macon. It is the best I've read about her. My favorite part; "I suspect Jill has been somewhat maligned due to her insistence on calling the powers that be out on their bullsh*t..."


Anonymous said...


Bob D

KudzuCarl said...

Some guesses:
1. The French Riviera, to hob-nob with the "beautiful people"
2. Majorca, to see a bunch of naked Germans on vacation
3. Abruzzo, to see the homeland of your maternal grandfather
4. Prague, to see the most beautiful city in Europe
5. Paris, for the romance and not the tourism
6. London, for bad food and bad weather (sorry Eric)
7. Hamburg, to see where the Beatles got started
8. Switzerland, to buy an overpriced watch
9. Amsterdam, for legal marijuana
10. Rome, for beautiful sights and fantastic dinners that last all night.

If it wasn't one of these, maybe you could put on the "wish list" for next year. Happy Birthday!

amy said...

You're close, very close Carl! I've been traveling for the last week but soon I'll tell - and thanks for the birthday wishes.