Saturday, March 1, 2008

Pulling Weeds

I haven't written in a week - have been trying to get ready for our show tonight. I'm embarrassed at how little work I've put into practicing or playing the last few months. We've been working on a record, true, but a lot of that is listening and making decisions about what to keep and what to redo. And Eric does a huge amount of work, setting things up and moving things around where I just stick my head in and say "I like that." But as for just everyday pick up the guitar or keyboard and spend even a little time, or sing something, for fun or to keep in shape - I suck. It's more instant gratification to write here! And sociable - it gets kind of isolated out in the country. And then there's all the other ideas and schemes I always seem to have brewing.

I used to spend a large portion of my time being a mom, the rest of the time I was driving or flying or even taking trains to gigs to make some money so I could pay the bills so I could keep writing songs and playing and singing. Now that freedom of time almost overwhelms me where I end up pulling out weeds and digging in the dirt with a stick instead of accomplishing something, and I think "I have to buckle down somehow." I know there's some half-assed metaphor in here for preparing the soil for new growth but I'll leave it out for now.

But I do love playing and singing! So I better go do that. And get back to writing, and pulling weeds, tomorrow.


Janine said...

But I do love playing and singing!

I have to say, having been at a handful of your shows, that is obvious. As witty and sarcastic as your songs are, the sheer enjoyment that you show when a gig is going well under cuts everything. And that joy is so easy to lose track of. I think it is inspiring that you still have this after all this time.

Rob Hopcott said...

I find that I practice when I know I'm going to be playing in public soon.

I used to have a session in a pub each week and it gave me the incentive. But now my exposure to the public is much more irregular (although more interesting) and I can't be bothered.

I don't know if I could be motivated by making a cd. Maybe if I knew it was going to be played by lots of people for sure...