Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dropping Acidophilus

Maybe it's that Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young record Eric kept playing a few months ago.

Maybe it's the way clogs have become an indispensable part of my wardrobe.

Or maybe it's the fact that good old-fashioned yogurt is getting harder and harder to find in the stores here.

Perhaps it's that things are so quiet there's nothing better to do than herald the arrival of our newest small appliance, a yaourtiere:

"I'll light the fire, while you place the flow-ers in the vawz that you bought, to-day-ay-ay-ay."


Rosie said...

it looks very modern and efficient ...and would be out of place in our kitchen next to a smoky woodstove. I wont mention it to the wanderer or he'll want one straight away. He is obssessed with gadgets of any kind, and if its to do with food, tant mieux!
Let us know if it works.I'm still getting over the modernity of my bean sprouter...

amy said...

I'll let you know, hopefully it won't end up in a cupboard collecting dust.

Now about that bean sprouter?!