Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Here We Go

We've been chasing visas, adding friends on myspace, emailing clubs, mailing posters and trying to track down a keyboard I won on eBay and hoped to have waiting for me in America. I have to believe it'll show up. Doing interviews and arranging more interviews, emailing radio stations and doing everything we can to let people know we're playing, short of donning sandwich boards, which I believe we would do if we could figure out how to fit the safety vests over them.

We played a local show the other night and it was a great sendoff with a lot of our neighbors showing up to wish us well. I was so pleased to meet a fellow blogger in France, Kim of Je Ne Regrette Rien - she was as warm and funny and interesting as her very readable blog, and she even made it through two whole sets so I know we can be friends!

I'm determined to post short reports from each town rather than trying to recap at the end of the whole thing. And since I'm still in self-promotion frenzy mode until we get on that airplane in Paris tomorrow, I'm going to list our US dates.

Thu Aug 28 East End PORTLAND
Sat Aug 30 Bumbershoot SEATTLE
Wed Sept 3 Cinema Bar LOS ANGELES
Thu Sept 4 Arts Centre MERCED, CA
Fri Sept 5 Thee Parkside SAN FRANCISCO
Tue Sept 9 Knuckleheads KANSAS CITY
Wed Sept 10 off Broadway ST LOUIS
Thu Sept 11 Hi Tone MEMPHIS
Fri Sept 12 Allgood Cafe DALLAS
Sat Sept 13 Emo's AUSTIN
Sun Sept 14 The Mink HOUSTON
Tue Sept 16 The Nick BIRMINGHAM
Wed Sept 17 Star Bar ATLANTA
Thu Sept 18 Grimeys NASHVILLE
Fri Sept 19 Local 506 CHAPEL HILL
Tue Sept 23 Thunderbird PITTSBURGH
Thu Sept 25 Jammin Java VIENNA, VA
Fri Sept 26 North Star PHILADELPHIA
Sat Sept 27 Southpaw BROOKLYN, NY
Tue Sept 30 Beachland CLEVELAND
Thu Oct 2 Schuba's CHICAGO
Fri Oct 3 7th St Entry MINNEAPOLIS
Tue Oct 7 U of W. Ont. LONDON, ONT
Wed Oct 8 Bop Shop ROCHESTER, NY
Thu Oct 9 Cafe Nine NEW HAVEN, CT
Sun Oct 12 TT the Bears CAMBRIDGE, MA

See you from Portland!


Rosie said...

what a lot of work you have put in already...just looking at that list!
Have a great tour, I look forward to hearing all about it.

John said...

Doing any house parties this time? Last time in Somerville, Mass., was dandy.

Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

Bon courage et felicitations! it was a blast and what a treat to meet actual COOL neighbors! knock'em dead, break a leg, and all that other show biz stuff.

I'll try not to turn France on its ear in your absence ... look forward to a reprise upon your return!

Mr. S. said...

I am so happy to be hearing you both soon at Thee Parkside - missed you last time due to faulty intelligence. Will there be a WFMU appearance, as well? Eric's public service announcement for Great Dane Rescue on the Terre T. show is still one of my all-time droll comedic favorites.

Pieter said...


Anonymous said...

Best of luck! Break a leg!

Michelet said...


I've got your Culver City Cinema Bar show (Sept. 3rd) on my calendar. I can't wait to hear you play. But I have a problem. My once-estranged father whom I haven't seen in years is in town and wants to have dinner (and that's very nice, of course). But the dinner would be Sept. 3rd. I really want to see your show.

What time are you going on? If it's later (10 or so), I may be able to swing it. I went to Cinema Bar's site and couldn't find the show schedules. If you get a chance, please let me know. Thanks!

Michele said...

Oops, though Michelet sounds very French, that was just a frenzied typo. It's just me, plain-old Michele.