Friday, October 31, 2008

I Think We're In England

It looks like London here - cold, grey and drab. But two kids wearing Halloween costumes just came into the internet cafe where I'm sitting. For a second I forgot where I was - it could've been Coventry in Cleveland or Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn. But it's Walthamstow, because I just checked the bus stop outside. (the buses themselves tell me nothing - they're not those red double decker classics anymore)

I'd really hoped to get a US tour recap up here, and post some more photos. But we're back out touring the UK now so it'll have to wait a little while longer.

I hope I'll be writing from a slightly better world by then, with Obama having won the election. Then the memory of trying to do a soundcheck in a Los Angeles bar with the Republican convention blaring idiotically and aggressively from a TV will be cause for a wry reflection and not an image of the future.

I know there's a good fish and chips place down the street from here. Unless they've turned it into a Starbucks...


Non, Je ne regrette rien said...

just checked your myspace and looks like you guys may be back after 11/22? sorry we didn't connect before you left again, but hoping we can before 12/3...will you be playing at Chalus before I go?

or we can try again for Brantome...! (you guys must be exhausted)

Nicole said...

Ack- Just saw that you were here in London! I'm an American that started listening to you four years ago after listening to an NPR bit on you...

Going to try to get up to the Bristol show!

spike said...

Hi there -- we just saw you and Eric here in Newcastle last night. What a fun show! The two of you collaborate really well. Your voices work so well together and it really felt like you get each other's music. I'm maybe a bit churlish here but the only thing that frustrated a bit was that after a while, Eric seemed to take over a bit...Wreckless Eric with Amy as his rhythm section...I don't know, there might be a place for that but it had a lot less charm than when you were both playing together. You're really a great singer and songwriter and I didn't much like seeing you go to the back of the stage.

And sorry about the bottle. It didn't actually break; it was just an empty under my chair and someone (!) kicked it over.

A fun show and we bought your new CD (Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby) and have been listening to it all day.

JW said...

Thanks for a great show again in glamourous Walthamstow. I was planning on waiting around to tell you but I had 45 mile journey home so I sloped off.

I'm that man that Eric mentioned that likes both of you - I first saw Eric live upstairs - in the canteen! - at North Staffs Poly in 1977 and I've seen you whenever you've toured the UK for the past 7 or 8 years and I now get 2 gigs for the price of one (Dancing with Joey Ramone and Whole Wide World within minutes of each other is a rare treat)and hopefully don't have to wait so long between albums from now on.

I was listening to the new album in the car last week and hearing the you both singing the Gram Parsons song inspired me to think how wonderful it would be if the world could have heard Gram Parsons singing Whole Wide World. It's always been a treat to hear Eric singing one of the finest songs ever written but I think a version by Gram would have reduced grown men to tears. Perhaps there's a soundalike out there that could attempt it.

amy said...

Kim, we'll be back around Thanksgiving, hope we can meet up then!

The Thunderbird in Bristol is a great little club, Nicole - I hope you can make it.

Now now Spike! meanwhile thanks for the explanation of the noisy bottle, and hope to see you next time in Newcastle.

JW, given the recession and everyone cutting back, maybe we should use that "two gigs for the price of one"?