Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Little Hope

winter laundry

The sun came out the other day and I was able to dry the laundry outside. The whole woodburner thing has traumatized me, cause I looked through the back door at my vintage Vera napkins drying on the rack and panicked - it looked like they were smoking, so naturally I assumed they were on fire.

It was just a little steam.

All it takes is some sunshine for me to feel almost 100% more positive (except for visions of things burning). The countryside this winter is the darkest, emptiest place I've ever known, and I say that as one who spent two whole winters in Cleveland. But when the sky turns blue, it makes all the difference.

I feel hopeful. It'll soon be time to hit the boards again: this month we have our first show in Le Dorat and our final performance at local bar Le Lawrence d'Arabie before it changes ownership. The new people don't want to do music. They just want to turn it into what the French countryside so desperately needs - an English pub.

We're working away on our various projects and trying to finish that long-promised covers album. And next month, Eric and I will be playing for the first time together in Ireland, as well as visiting some of our favorite UK haunts:

Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby

Thu March 11 An Cruscian Lan Cork IRELAND
Fri March 12 Andrews Lane Theatre Dublin IRELAND
Sat March 13 The Black Box Belfast UK
Tue March 16 The Thunderbolt Bristol UK
Wed March 17 The Cellars Portsmouth UK
Thu March 18 Prince Albert Brighton UK
Fri March 19 Kitchen Garden Cafe Birmingham UK

(see here for ticket info, etc)

And we're in the process of booking US shows for June. So, plenty to look forward to! I think everyone will be very impressed by the new stage show complete with flash pots and smoke machines.


Poppy Robbie said...

Horray for the U-S-A!

Hope Texas is in the mix!


Erica M. said...

Here's another hope for a Texas show...

Lianne said...

Looking forward to the U.S. shows!

Anonymous said...

Feh. An Engish Pub with no pub rock? Sacre bleu.
-Andrea O.
San Francisco

amy said...

Robbie and Erica, we are looking into Texas, hope it will work out for the 3rd wk of June or so.

Me too Lianne, it's too long to stay away!

What's with that Andrea? The sad thing is, it is directly next door to another - you guessed it - English pub.

Ed Ward said...

No lasers? I'm staying home!

Wreckless Eric said...

We're going to bring the exploding woodburner with us...

amy said...

As Eric said, Ed - with an exploding woodburner who needs lasers? We've all see those before. (then again, I'm not sure if I've ever actually been at a show with lasers...)

Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to the Portsmouth gig, i was gutted to miss it last year, so now cant wait

龍腾longteng said...

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mike Ollier said...

No North East??? Booo...

Anonymous said...

Hello for the first time!
I know what you mean about your vintage Vera napkins steaming - I thought my whole gate was on fire!
Bring on the sunshine!
All the best with your tour.

Anonymous said...

Hello for the first time!
I know what you mean about your vintage Vera napkins steaming - I thought my whole gate was on fire!
Bring on the sunshine!
All the best with your tour.

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

hey, what is the date for the araby again? and no freaking out on stage when the smoke goes off. not fire, not fire!

(ha-word verification is 'firanter', that was you after the veras!)

amy said...

We're moving up in the world - Portsmouth on a Wed. instead of a Monday. Fun place, see you there!

I know, we need to try again in Newcastle Mike. Maybe in Aug, we'll be over for the Rhythm Festival...

Thanks Lydia, and i'm happy to find your blog. With my current burnt out state re the French countryside, you paint such an appealing picture - it makes me feel like with a little effort I could be appreciating things again.

Funny, Kim, because at the Lawrence d'Arabie the "stage" is in front of that huge fireplace! Which actually remains lit sometimes during winter gigs...the 20th (next Sat) is the date.

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

thanks Amy, guess you're glad you got your napkins sun-dried looking at today's weather! :-)