Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Holiday


My friend Angela has been visiting from New York for the past week. She brought sunshine and great cooking skills. Before her it was Andy, carpenter supreme, with a dishwasher which is a dream come true if we could only get the thing to work. Before Andy it was Robert Rotifer who came to record. Today we'll visit with Kate and Scott from Chicago in a chateau up north. Later this week our friends Peter and Karen are coming from Norfolk, bringing my goddaughter Daisy. The stork (they still have those, right?) is coming any day to bring Eric's daughter Luci a baby girl.

It's turned out to be a really nice summer. In the past few weeks I've:
- Barbq'ed in the dark
- Swam in the lake
- Taken a few long bike rides
- Admired the nice new kitchen Eric and Andy put in
- Picked basil, purple potatoes and swiss chard from a friend's garden
- Sunbathed in the courtyard for the first time since we got here
- Ate steak off the grill for Sunday lunch
- Drank pastis in the taverne of Montbrun chateau
- Cooked spaghetti at 3 AM for Gil Rose et les Hyrdropathes
- Danced to the Flamin' Groovies in an empty auberge by a river

I've found my true calling at last - slacker.


the sandwich life said...

as always....you get me with the Flamin' Groovies.... Sounds like a wonderful summer and no wonder we like each other---I think that's my true calling as well. You have to go with your strengths you know!

Norma said...

Sorry we didn't join you this summer (although Japan was a nice alternative). Hopefully I'll see you next year somewhere. We'll probably be vacationing in our backyard - the one with the nice deck that can easily double as a stage for a traveling duo...

the fly in the web said...

What a wonderful summer...and all except one bit of it could be done elsewhere than in France!
Keep up the slacking!

amy said...

Cynthia they're playing again (Roy Loney & Cyril Jordan, backed by the A-Bones) down at Ponderosa Stomp next month in NO - maybe they'll make it up Chicago-way sometime?

Japan must've been an amazing trip Norma. We'll try to fit in a deck concert next year.

Not sure about the auberge by the river thing happening anywhere else Fly - no lights so the place was in total darkness, sanctioned by the Mairie - open to the public but not many came...wait, maybe that's the one you meant? You're right, it has been fun.