Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nostalgia In Advance

In the glow of an imminent departure, everything's bright and beautiful. The same thing happened when I was getting ready to leave Cleveland - all of a sudden the snow melted and even surly postal clerks were smiling. It's even more so here in France.

Rural Backstage

french toast
French Toast

in bloom
Blooming Courtyard

Noilly Bottle

old gear
Old Gear

The gear may be old, but the man is not. Happy Birthday Eric, the sweetest boy in the world - you only improve with age, like a vintage tape machine (well, maybe not this one...)


John Medd said...

Good luck (in advance) with the move. Please tell Eric I borrowed him for my blog. And wish him MHROTD from me!

Erica M said...

Happy birthday, Eric!

I guessed I missed something about a move? Where? When?

Amy said...

Sounds like a fun night, John. I will pass your birthday wishes on to Eric.

Hi Erica - I'm glad you hadn't noticed, I've been boring myself with talk of an impending move and figured I was boring others too! We're heading to the US provided the house sale goes okay and Eric's visa comes through...

the fly in the web said...

Just intrigues me...have you been carrying that tape machine round with you for years?

Good luck with the sale and the visa...may the euphoria continue.

Amy said...

Oh Fly, if you only knew how many bits and pieces Eric has collected - and the one in the picture is actually one of the most portable. He's like a tinker, only with musical equipment rather than pots and pans. But they are things of beauty...and some of them work.

And thanks, hopefully everything's going to keep moving forward!

David said...

Lovely images, Amy. Happy Birthday, Eric! Best show ever at Stumpjack. Hope to see you guys sometime soon again!