Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Chain

I just told my next door neighbor that we're moving.

"C'est pas vrai!" She had tears in her eyes. I'd told her a while back it was inevitable. But I don't think she'd registered it until now.

But all that hard work that Eric did on the place, she said.

True, the man worked like a demon. But wasn't I there too? Is it just this part of France? Around here, when a man is on a ladder or loading wood into the barn or leaning out of a window painting, it's "oh, isn't he wonderful - look at him working". When a woman has a paintbrush in her frozen claw or is hacking through waist-high weeds with a scythe, it's "il faut travailler" (it's necessary to work).

I wanted to scream, then remembered I don't have to - we're leaving.

Instead I hugged my neighbor and told her I'll miss her. Which I will.

We have a buyer. We have somewhere we want to move. I looked for a video of this Fleetwood Mac song because I'd heard of a real estate chain but never knew how stressful it was to be in one. A rather short chain, thank God, but a chain nonetheless. Then there's doctors' appointments and visa interviews. Hoping all the pieces hold until the thing completes and we can move forward. Until then I'll have a hard time writing about it.

There were several live versions, but this has to be the best - Lindsey Buckingham has always been one edgy dude but here he outdoes himself.

I feel downright calm in comparison.


the sandwich life said...

I'm so glad you'll be closer! Good luck with the chaos of moving along the chaine!

Grahame said...

Mazel tov!
Fingers crossed for everything to go smoothly :)

neil d said...

Good luck with everything! After reading about all your hard work on the house, great to see it's (fingers crossed, knock wood) about to pay off.

kpf said...

Wow! A buyer! Soooooo cooool! It's all going to come together beautifully I'm sure. I'm so happy for you. Have you settled on a town? A house?

alexh said...

Good luck Amy & Eric. The things you leave behind...

Amy said...

"A toaster, a kettle..." thanks Alex.

We've got a town and house in mind Kate, will have to see what happens!

Thank you Neil, hope we can move before the place needs cleaning.

See you again before long I hope, Grahame.

Only half a continent away, Cynthia!

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

good luck with it all! (can you take Fleetwood Mac with you, please? on my list of most annoying bands EVER! lol, sure that makes me even more popular...)

ha, my verification word is bandogy ... is that some sort of animal groupie?

rick plant said...

you can stay with us in Melbourne til you find a place...

Amy said...

I take them with me everywhere I go Kim, even their eighties period...Hope all is well in Brantome.

Would love to Rick - you can coach us on container shipping.

David said...

Oh a big hurray! This "one step closer" thing makes us smile. You must let us know when you arrive...we might even make the trip just to toast your arrival with a bottle of something!
David & Kim