Friday, July 8, 2011


I'm sorry things degenerated for a while there into the equivalent of a TV clip show - sort of like that early Simpsons episode where Homer ends up in the hospital and instead of an actual story line, they just revisit past episodes? I remember what a shock that was, but how they turned it into comedy gold. No such luck here.

Ashamed to say I even sunk to re-using a photo from a post a year or two ago. But all that's behind us now, because I'm on the mend. Maybe I had a sort of revelation one night when I was feeling sorry for myself. It went something like: "Oh fuck it. Just...FUCK IT! I'm alive, I'm reasonably healthy if kind of banged up, I've got a lovin' man beside me, my family's all doing okay, we have a buyer for the house. What is, is."

Thought of stopping the blog temporarily because things are in such a state of flux right now, and it's hard to concentrate. But I'd miss it. Just as it's never a good idea to question the meaning of life while applying eyeliner in a dank basement dressing room with only beer crates for company, so it's best not to examine too closely why I share details of my life in public while sitting in a roomful of moving boxes.

More soon.


the fly in the web said...

Well,I'd miss you if you stopped've opened my eyes to things I didn't know existed.

Amy said...

Thank you Fly, I learn something new every time I visit your blog(s). First about France and now Costa Rica. I used to do a lot more visiting and commenting with blogs, I guess all that's dropped off a bit. But I still do enjoy the opportunity to drop into other people's lives/thoughts.

John Medd said...

As soon as you've got your new forwarding address, let me know and I'll ship a Moving mix CD out to you and your loving man. John x

Mark In Mayenne said...

1) Life
2) Health
3) Love
4) Family
5) Physical assets
Was that by instinct or did you think about the order?

Amy said...

I'm running purely on instinct right now, Mark - can't seem to think too clearly with everything in chaos. I guess it's a good test. So if books, films, music, food and wine fall under "love" too then I guess that's about right.

John, you can send it to my current US mailing address & then we'll have it for at least one of the drives - let me know your email address? I hope Nick Lowe's "Cracking Up" is on there, because I keep hearing it in my head, imagining it as Packing Up...I don't think it's funny no more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy - your moving, we're not, and we're full of envy, it all depends on your standpoint. But the good thing about blog is it really doesn't matter, all our keyboards are always together. I really must get my butt in gear and start writing my own. Trouble is, it's a dead giveaway, and I've already got too many hell-hounds on my trail.
Shshsh, you ain't seen me, right ...

"These are the times of our lives"

Amy said...

We still have hopes of getting together for that cup of tea with you two! It really is a matter of survival for us - we had to sell the house to do anything.

I know what you mean about that feeling that "they're watching"...Given the health insurance issues in the US I was reluctant to even mention I'd had skin cancer surgery. But I've been looking into it and saw that it was "allowed" where so many other ailments will get you rejected.

As to your whereabouts, if they ask I won't say a word.

reynolf oliveros said...

whoa! what was that? can you check packing peanuts? this is great! quite shocked somehow..