Saturday, June 7, 2008

It's Only Make Believe

Eric and I are back in England putting the finishing touches on the album (mastering, artwork). When we're not busy watching "The Apprentice" and "Big Brother", dodging speed cameras and eating bacon sandwiches that is.

It's always one of my favorite times in the record-making process because the initial hard work is done and there's this brief moment of hopefulness before the actual release and inevitable disappointment. For a tiny second, you can imagine a world where every person is singing along to your song, where every festival and promoter is clamoring for you to play, where, at long last, you magically succeed.

And this time, I have another believer to share it with, because Eric's the same kind of deluded fool that I am. I guess it's insane to still feel this way, at this age, making pop music. But it's somehow the only way to go about it. When things screw up or stall or just stay the same, when it's the reality of one more night putting makeup on in the not-too-clean ladies room of an Indian restaurant because the club doesn't have a dressing room, I want to remember this feeling.


Rosie said...

oh, I do so understand that...the birth moment, full of endless possibilities...maybe this time?

AND What I wouldnt give for a crispy bacon butty with brown sauce...

travelling, but not in love said...

I just think the whole thing must be incredibly exciting - no matter of age or industry standing.

Too cool, really!

Nic said...

really looking forward to the 'album' - long-time fan of eric, discovered you when you supported him in Bristol a couple of years ago - bought 'fugitive' on the night and love it - the idea of an album together is v.exciting - and congratulations on the wedding, btw - xx nic