Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good Things

The last time I wrote, about a week ago, I said I was going to try being only positive. And then you never heard from me again, and that might seem a little ominous.

But the simple truth is things are getting really busy around here, with putting the record out. We've been dealing with the logistics of booking and travelling to other lands and it starts to be all consuming.

The good news is there are a lot of gigs in the next few months! And Eric has updated his website!

Another happy thing was our gig the other night. After struggling with the sound and the cold at an outdoor concert the previous week, it was reassuring to play in our favorite local place, the Lawrence d'Arabie, with a nice crowd of friends and strangers around (except for that sour couple at the table right in front...but wait, only nice things...at least for another day or two) and sound like we know we can sound.

Then there was the fete du bois the next day. It's simply that, a celebration of - wood. There's a lot of it around here. This is supposed to be brawny men stripped to the waist, armed with chainsaws, battling it out over who can take down a tree fastest. But it rains every year, so that part of it is a little mythical. Instead it's some cute stalls displaying every kind of cutting board imaginable, and other stalls selling sausage sandwiches and beer. It poured rain just as we were eating and Eric and I ended up huddled under an umbrella with a couple of guys who were grilling and drinking wine. We laughed and talked with them until the rain stopped enough to run to the car. It was goofy and fun.

We've been working on the garden a little bit, getting a winding path going and trying to find the right spot to put a table and chairs. It gets the morning light and some evening light too, which the courtyard misses. I find myself walking up there a lot, which is what I love about paths - you want to follow them. Before, it felt too daunting, this big open green space (mostly weeds - oops, negative) but now there's somewhere to go.


travelling, but not in love said...

No! We don't want cute stalls selling tat! We want brawny men stripped to the waist!

Great tour ahead - looks like it'll be a busy summer for you then...

murat11 said...

Nifty photo: I like the color of the light in the doorway and window. House and yard remind me of a cool funky neighborhood in east Austin, just east of the university and interstate.

"Sour couple" is positive: you coulda just said assholes.

Enjoy your heaven.

Rosie said...

hurrah...lots of dates.

Lucky you dont have chickens...

euw your antispam has given me the worst combination of letters yet to try and type in...please turn it off, I beg you! Spare an old womans reading glasses


amy said...

oh my God, Rosie, it never occurred to me I could turn that thing off. Forgive me!

Murat I know that neighborhood. Wish we could get barbq & tacos around here.

TBNIL there's always next year. Sigh...