Monday, May 4, 2009

Spanish Snaps

We're on our way

the wonderful world of...dune de pyla
The Wonderful World of...Dune de Pyla

french trailer trash
French Trailer Trash?



guggenheim bilbao
Guggenheim Bilbao 9 AM

madrid cafe
Madrid Cafe


the sandwich life said...

See? This is why I take lots of photographs of family outings with the boys....because when you look at the pictures it all looks great and you forget about the whininess or tantrums (in our case)...or in your case the theft or power problems or stepping foot in another Carrefour.....

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

love the curlers, baby! too funny.

looks like an adventure in the making ...

Mike said...

Surely there's a book in all this rock and roll jaunting about! Who's be Coldplay, anyway.

amy said...

I know Cynthia, I love having my photos - can't even really process the trip til I've reviewed them...

We watched Badlands last night Kim and I saw it all - the Sissy Spacek and Martin Sheen characters (she in curlers, he in the tight denim jacket) only 30 years on and they don't actually kill anybody.

Mike, if only I could get it finished - it is taking years...there's nothing harder than writing! it makes songwriting seem so easy.

KudzuCarl said...

Amy: Having lived in rural Georgia for nearly 30 years, I know trailer trash. Here are some reasons why your photo doesn't pass the test:
1. No cigarette hanging from your lips.
2. Wrong fingers are extended on each hand.
3. Jeans are too new to have come from Goodwill.
4. No raggedy foam things on the curlers.
5. Sandals instead of flip flops.
6. You own a suitcase.
7. More people than dogs.
8. Missing tube top. In fact, no visible spandex.
9. Significantly removed from obese.
10. You're wearing a t-shirt without a car number or other NASCAR emblem.

Should I continue?