Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mom Puts Out Fresh Towels, Wipes Counter

I was in a cleaning frenzy over the weekend because company was coming. But this was no ordinary company - this was an esteemed journalist from a British newspaper.

I know I go about these things all wrong. Instead of cleaning the toilet, like the good half-Italian girl I am, I should be filling the tank with exotic fish. Why fret about the unkempt backyard - someone around here must have a few llamas we could rent?

Screw trying to look presentable - I should be popping on a turban, shoving a cigarette in a long holder, dabbing rouge onto my cheeks and pouring a tumbler of Scotch.

I mean, this guy has interviewed Hunter Thompson, Depardieu, Budd Schulberg. Eric is always entertaining but I am surely the most boring, disappointing interview around. I can't stop being a mom, making sure everyone's got a cup of juice or something. This is no way to build a myth!


Wornoutmorgan said...

Mums (or Moms, have it your way if you must) are more radical and "edgy" than anything these hip and groovy people can come up with. Scarier: - I used to control the more psychopathic patrons of the bar I worked at for a (thankfully) brief period by telling them that if they didn't behave I would ring their mum. Shut 'em up and shut 'em down straight away. Everytime.
And at the end of the day, if you live in some sort of decadent orgy palace of pleasure, but don't know where the booze is, or can't eat for fear of botulism, well, you will howl to the moon for a rocknroll mum kind of person.
I would anyway.
I got good cheap spectacle frames on ebay by the way - $10 for sturdy '60's german ones delivered to Tasmania.

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

god, how unnerving!!! just put on extra eyeliner and bat those eyelashes ... or better yet, grab that guitar and let your inner Rock Chick shine! I can't tell you how cool I found you on stage with guitar in hand ... you go into a zone any journalist would fawn over!

amy said...

thanks Morgan - and I like the idea of vintage frames...my daughter gave me a great pair I must use but I will check eBay too. Love the old Italian frames best.

kim I actually managed to find false eyelashes in Limoges today! because, gulp, the photographer comes tomorrow.

alexh said...

Amy, please do let us know when & where we can read the interview. You'll be great by just being yourself- Good luck!!

All-Of-A-Lucness said...

hee hee, being a mum WHIST wearing the turban and rouge is the ideal...