Friday, August 21, 2009


hazel on the bass
Hazel at the Star Bar, Atlanta, July 2009

Sometimes miracles happen. Hazel got her guitars back yesterday. We'd alerted some of the music stores in town and the guy at Music Exchange spotted both instruments when someone tried to sell them at the same time. No sign of the computer but Hazel is overjoyed.

Thank you everybody for your kindness - offers of laptops, guitars, love and support.

Long may Hazel rock.


the sandwich life said...

Woo-hoooooo! I'm so pleased!!!

Someone Said said...

Bless the people at Music Exchange, that is great news.

Jim S said...


Andy Stone And His Guitar Creations said...

I'm so pleased for her. :0)

Rosie said...

Oh joy...there is a god...well, there isnt but you know what I mean...

Bob_NJ said...

good things can happen to good people!! im very happy for her.

amy said...

thanks Cynthia - I'm sorry Owen didn't get his bike back but sounds like he's got something nice to ride

SS, I gather they are well-known for looking out for people's gear.

Now she can get back to the important things Jim, like eating great food, drinking beer (in moderation of course) playing music and oh yeah, going to college.

She really loves that old 60's Musicmaster (not pictured) Andy! Humble, slightly rusty, but irreplaceable somehow.

I know exactly what you mean Rosie.

It's all turned out okay Bob after some sleepless nights - amen.