Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Missing Jordans

Now that we've dealt with the minor distractions like gigs, moving and robberies, it's time to get back to what really matters - breakfast cereal.

The staple of our lives for the last three or four years has been Jordans Crunch. A UK company, but widely available in France - until last month.

I've mentioned before how the village we're in has possibly the worst bakery in France, so croissants and fresh bread are not such a good option for breakfast. In the morning I just want to eat. I don't want a project involving driving to the next town, and then dealing with all the social requirements of the bakery.

So Jordans has been there for us, the delicious basic Country Crunch. During a health kick we tried scaling down to muesli but unless we make our own (which is too much effort...see yogurt machine) it's like eating sawdust and lumber offcuts.

Now the Crunch has disappeared from supermarket shelves around here and I don't know what to do. The only Jordans product left is the Chocolate Crunch which is fine once in a while but as much as I love chocolate, I don't want it for breakfast.

We'll be playing in England next month so I guess that means filling up the ambulance with boxes of the stuff. Come to think of it, I've been looking for a way to make money. Black market cereal? Or as a sales incentive - with every CD purchased, a box of Jordans?


Ed Ward said...

There are a number of mail-order shops for lonely Brits out there, but if you have a Monoprix near you they have a great selection of own-brand cereals.

Make a noise and I'll find you URLs for some of those food-fer-furriners places.

amy said...

Thanks, Ed - true, I could try M&S online or something. Though I'd be too ashamed to shop the "British" aisle in the French supermarket (or American, if they had one...okay, maybe if they sold Bisquick, but that's it!)

I wish we had a Monoprix near here, the closest is forty minutes away but I'll have to see what they've got next time I'm in a city. The Jordans seemed popular with everyone, I'd see French shoppers stocking up on two or three boxes at a time so it's kind of mysterious why it's gone all of a sudden.

travelling, but not in love said...

I'm a Special K boy meself. Bikini diet and all that, ha ha

Andy Stone And His Guitar Creations said...

Jordans is very nice but too expensive, Sainsbury's own brand for us. Don't the French eat meausli at all?

amy said...

You are so disciplined TBNIL - I'm hungry half an hour after I eat that stuff.

Now Andy if you do a per bowl breakdown, Jordans isn't so much - especially when I think of all the money I used to spend at Starbucks etc...the French do eat muesli but the packaged stuff is bland with way too much dried fruit.

mikeollier said...

Oh bugger... just checked your dates and the night you're in Newcastle is the night my new band debuts in Gateshead. Double bugger.

The Jordans must be available somewhere!! Last year we had Tandy/Mary Lee Kortez stay with us and she took to Yorkshire Tea. When she was back in NYC we got an email excitedly telling us that she'd found a shop selling it there!!

Paul said...

Hi Amy

Paul here from down the Lawrence. Full range of Jordans spotted on Friday at Super U in Nexon. I think Eric has my email if you want us to pick you some up, it's not too far from you anyway, closer than the UK is! I'll email Eric as well anyway. See you soon.

amy said...

And I thought maybe nothing much happened in Newcastle on a Sunday night, Mike! Sorry we won't see you.

ps Mary Lee's right about that Yorkshire tea...

Thanks Paul, I'll have to rush down there. Though Eric took the hint and whipped up a very nice batch of muesli. See you n Sue again soon I hope

Rachel Marston said...

Dear Amy
I work for Jordans in the UK and I wanted to try and help you find your cereal. I have been told we don't make a cereal called Country Crunch, could the cereal you are looking for be called Country Crisp? If you let me know I will see how I might be able to help.