Thursday, October 8, 2009

Good Times Cafe

good times cafe

Rushing to finish up our double A-side single so that it's ready in time for the Yo La Tengo shows we're opening in Europe next month. No time to write this week, but here's a photo from the middle of France.


Poppy Robbie said...

Can't wait for the release! Wish I had a jetpack and was able to see those Yo La Tango shows! Yow!

Mike said...

Renovator's delight.

Or a possible shot for a future album cover should that double-a single produce offspring.

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

shared this with my cousin Nate, he's a fan of ylt..smallish world!

amy said...

Wish you could zoom in by jet pack Robbie. I hope you'll like the single!

It does seem "ripe for conversion" doesn't it, Mike? Though someone would no doubt ruin it by covering everything with that laminated plastic wood.

Ah, I'm not surprised Nate is a fan Kim. I hope you told him his sketches inspired me to get out that Japanese pen again!