Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sorry To Disappoint

So, we're off the road and I'm catching up with things. Decided to look at my website stats, see if there's been much action on the site lately. The thing needs a major overhaul and I have to figure out what exactly the point of a website is anymore, what with all my other accounts, sites, etc.

It's interesting to see what brings people to the site, it's often words that turn up in lyrics and can be pretty amusing: "Housewife Have Sex" is one, or "Knapsack Girl".

But yesterday I was a little taken aback by a string of search words entered by some unknown person out there: "Amy Rigby Dead".

Now, I know I haven't been playing in the US as much lately (and the stats told me that's where the searcher was based). And I know I had a kind of meltdown onstage at the Lakeside Lounge in New York back in July (memo to self: avoid appointments with doctors, lawyers or accountants on the day of shows in the old hometown) that might make people wonder how long I was going to stick it out here on earth, but I swear that's all behind me now.

Then I started worrying - maybe it wasn't whether I was dead the person was trying to figure out, but how to kill me. They just didn't put in the words "I Want" and "How To Make This Happen".

Would it be an accomplishment to piss someone off so much that they'd want to off you? I haven't even read any Pat Highsmith lately, but my mind is racing at the possible suspects.

I'm not famous enough to be the victim of one of those Twitter hoaxes - the majority of people wouldn't be interested enough to even click on the trend.

Maybe there's a little old lady named Amy out in Idaho (there's a whole town called Rigby in that state) who just passed away.

I know one thing. In future, I'm staying off the website stats page.


Norma said...

You're not dead, but an Austin musician named Amy is. A Facebook posting prompted me to make sure it wasn't you. More via private email when I get a chance. Like Mark Twain, news of your demise is premature.

Wornoutmorgan said...

Sadly, Amy Farris died. It is odd that somebody wanted to know about the death of someone, but didn't know the deceased's surname. What people have been trained to do I suppose - digest celebrity obituaries.

amy said...

That is sad news, Anthony.

I'm still here, Norma - thanks for checking on me.

Ed Ward said...

I don't think it's odd that someone may have heard about Amy Farris' death, misremembered it by the time they finally got to a computer and thought, wow, is Amy Rigby dead? Check, and no, she's not. Huh, wonder what it is I'm trying to remember?

I generally ignore search terms, and I've been doing that ever since someone got my Berlin blog by searching for "putting mayonnaise on the lawn to keep zombies away." Really.

chris.williams46 said...

So glad you're not dead Amy. I want you and Eric to return to Bristol so I can celebrate my 50th at the Thunderbolt. I ran the Front Room gig idea past the comittee with little success!

Andy Stone And His Guitar Creations said...

No it was a head line they read after a show: Amy Rigby Knocked 'Em dead!

...Have you looked at Eric's stat page?

amy said...

Hadn't thought of that possibility Andy - that I could be anything but the victim! As for Eric's stats, I'll leave that to him. He probably has better things to do.

The Front Room gig is not something to enter into lightly Chris. it'd be pretty painful having a scowling family looking at their watches while we play. For sure we can come back to the Thunderbolt.

I'm curious now about the mayonaise Ed. It is interesting what you say, as far as how long people retain information learned while browsing. Even an untimely death might catch your attention for a second but if it has no direct bearing on you personally, it just gets filed away somewhere.

D. Jon Moutarde said...

You know, it was probably an automated search from a celebrity web site -- the kind of thing that would run a [first name] [last name] dead? on the thousands of names in its database, just to keep up with recent deaths with minimal human intervention.

PS: Sure wish you two had played the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival this weekend. Some trademark-abuser named Reckless Kelly was there.

Rosie said...

hurrah you are still there...we dont have long though really, do we?

amy said...

Maybe the same machine that generates these requests for autographed photos perhaps (most of the requests seem to come from Poland for some reason), D?

I wish we'd been to HSB too! I may have to push for next year - and if there's any way for the public to make requests please do.

Yes, Rosie - I keep thinking about that. Possibly something to do with turning 50, and what comes next, but there's something appealing (figuratively-speaking) in that word search string. A license for rebirth?

chris46 said...

I sold £200 worth of prints this weekend!! Dayna says I should put it in my Amy and Eric fund!
I've been trying to put together a Dancing With Joey Ramone compilation via Amazon downloads. Is it the Dave Clark 5 or Carl Perkins doing "Glad All Over"?

amy said...

Definitely DC5, Chris. That should be a fun party disc. Congratulations on your sales!

Bill said...

Amy, your comments about search keywords made me laugh out loud. Of course, I had to then find out what keywords were bringing people to the Swan Dive site. My favorite was "mexican gowns."