Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Proud Sister

If I could have a bumper sticker printed up today, it would say "Proud Sister Of A Sartorialist".

Anyone who knows my brother Michael knows his impeccable style. I don't think I've seen him wear jeans since he was a little kid. His band wear matching gabardine shirts, trousers, ties, coats - and never the same outfit twice. He even dresses vintage to play softball.

Someone told me they thought they spotted him on this website dedicated to great dressers and sure enough, there he is. Scroll down and look for the rogue in the striped socks.


KudzuCarl said...

Great photo of Michael. I can't get over how much he looks like your mom from the nose down and your dad from the eyes up.

KudzuCarl said...

Sorry. Should have said "your mom from the nose down -- minus the mustache, of course --". :-)

softinthehead said...

Very dapper, love the mustache :)

Mike said...

The shoes are not too shabby, either.

J.D. King said...

Sharp dresser, fer shure.

And, SIT & Die sound sharp, as well!

PS: Even sharp dressers are allowed to wear jeans. You just have to be selective. I went w/o 'em for 20 years, but a year or two ago, relented.

amy said...

Funny, Carl - I thought, wow I know it's tough for Italian women but...but I knew what you meant!

Very Errol Flynn, right, SITH?

Mike, it's amazing to read the comments part of the site - there was a real divide on the very square toes of the shoes. Some people take this stuff very seriously.

I hope it might bring more people down to see SIT&DIE, JD. Michael is an unsung genius!

You're right about the jeans, possibly he has a very well cut pair hidden somewhere.

Anonymous said...

hey mom!

yknow it's actually not the first time he's been on that website? i can't seem to find the first one but it just says "this man is living that look." they don't know the half of it.

it's nice to see so many people recognized him from SIT & die co!


Anonymous said...

Hazel & Amy,
FYI, his previous appearance was Nov 21, 2006 at: