Monday, June 29, 2009

Those Days Are Gone

Amy and Hazel Rigby, Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, 1994. © Ted Barron

I went to a music class with my 2 year old goddaughter Daisy and her mom, our friend and ace designer Karen the other day. It was all little ones and their mothers with the ages from about two to four. The teacher was this brilliant woman Charlotte, who sat on a rug with everyone and kept pulling things out of a basket: crocodiles, sea creatures, stretchy fabric. I felt a little embarrassed because I got so caught up in the songs and clapping and stuff, I was worried I was being too enthusiastic.

It was fun, and it was sad, as I looked back at those days of two to four year olds from almost two decades. I guess it’s a little bit what it must feel like to be a grandparent? I’ll probably get a bumper sticker made up: Grandma In Training. (Note to Hazel: Not that I’m in any rush!)

I snuck glances at all the lovely mothers, willing them to enjoy themselves as much as possible and not spend their time worrying, like I know I often did. I wanted to tell them how this is the best time you’ll ever know (just like every time is the best time you’ll ever know) but I think they would have thought I was a mad woman.

So instead, I just clapped a little harder and sang even jollier, with Daisy and Karen.


the sandwich life said...

good lord but I love that picture....and you as well....

Ted Barron said...

Amy, I was just thinking of this picture today as I was walking home from C-Town carrying groceries with Lincoln lagging a few steps behind.

travelling, but not in love said...

I love this picture. So cool.

And that's such a lovely age - my niece is four and she's just beautiful. So cute, so funny, so crazy...just like her uncle, ha ha

amy said...

Thanks Cynthia, I look forward to seeing you guys at the end of the month!

Ted, you are such a fine photographer, I always loved this picture. I'm happy Lincoln's there - maybe we'll see you two soon?

And she must love her mad uncle TBNIL, lucky girl.

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

girl, you were all legs!! sweet photo ... and I may just have to use your quote next on my blog ... I love the bit about every time is the best time ... xx

Karen said...

ah amy - you just made my eyes water!
what a gorgeous photo - i must do more and capture this precious precious time

i rang charlotte this morning - a bit excited to share the terrible news that a two year old really was eaten by a boa constructor a couple of days ago - i find myself going to sing it and then thinking, no, stop, bad taste!

worst of it is charlotte was having a lay in!!!! she gracefully agreed that a. yes - perhaps it ought to go to the bottom of the pile for a while and b. yes - it was a beautiful morning and should would have hated to miss it!

miss you

Trip Aldredge said...

This picture is so cute. God, they grow up fast. Hope you're well. I loved your post about using AARP to rent cars. That rocks,


amy said...

Kim, I saw a picture of myself the other night in an even shorter skirt, and remember thinking how "over the hill" i was back then - at 35. Ha! That's sweet of you to use the quote.

hi Karen, I miss you guys. I must put up the photo I took of Daisy in front of Blickling Hall - she is adorable.

Thank you Trip, I imagine your daughter must be a teenager now? Glad you like the AARP angle - we're aiming for a cover article at some point.