Monday, June 8, 2009


I almost cheated today.

Eric and I made a vow, after the shows in Holland, to cut out the treats, the sweets, the pastries, and try to get in fighting shape for our summer touring.

Maybe it was a photo someone showed me of myself on stage, practically popping the seams of a dress that fit me ten months ago. Yes, I could blame it on the dryer - but we don't have a dryer.

We've been very disciplined, the last few days. I eyed the chocolatines in the bakery yesterday morning, then chastely looked away from the moist golden pastry with dark-hued chocolate peeking out. I know, if we were really serious about cutting back we'd avoid bakeries altogether, but we have to be realistic. It's France, and that means bread. But, bread alone. No butter, no sugar.

It's nice to have another person to keep tabs on, and vice versa. But today I slipped away, to "get some copies made". Yes, it was a flimsy excuse. But I felt like I would go insane without something special in my life, like an apple tart or an eclair.

It's Monday - the bakeries were shut. The moment of crisis passed.

I took a few pictures instead.

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there has to be a better way!