Thursday, June 25, 2009

This Is England

Thanks to Mark Riley for having us on his show on Monday - what a devil! The gig at Manchester's Night and Day cafe was a little on the hot side (or maybe it's just good practice for the US) but the hooligans dancing at the front by show's end made it all worthwhile. The Buffalo Bar in London was great fun last night, but we've had to cancel tonight's show in Bristol.


Andy Stone & His Guitar Creations said...

I hope the weather forecast is wrong and Glastonbury stays dry for you! Fancy putting it on the same week as Wimbledon, it's bound to rain! Maybe Glasters should have a big retractable roof too!

Andy Stone & His Guitar Creations said...

Btw I Don't know why Bloggers sees the & in my name as &amp, I've changed it to "and" but it's still appears in certain windows.

Vanda said...

Be good to have seen you in Manchester - but we're in Budapest at the mo so catch you next time you're in our(ish) neck of the woods. We went to see Loreena McKennitt at an open air theatre and the moonsoons hit :-/

amy said...

thanks Andy. I assumed it meant amplifier?

hi Vanda, it's a good place (Night & Day) in Manchester, hope we'll go back there and see you then. Have fun in Budapest!

Andy Stone And His Guitar Creations said...

Wierdly enough it didn't mean amplifier, it just appeared after I typed in "&" and saved it.
Have you noticed on myspace if you type "'s" it saves as &32s I thought who is this 32? I thought I'd been hacked at first!
Ok enough! This is far too geeky!